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Jan Egil Eide, Norway

Friends !


I am crossing my fingers for AWC 2022 in Austria and hope we are third time lucky. If so, I will do my best to make cool and exciting courses for you.


I have practiced for more than 20 years as a judge and have visited something like 25 countries on this journey. I have also participated as a competitor at AWC so I know how it feels to run on the green carpet and compete amongst the best in the world, at the coolest competition in the world.


I am looking forward and I hope to see all of you at AWC 2022.






Bernd Hüppe, Austria

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Dear Agility friends,

after a break of 3 years we'll have it again: the special AWC-feeling!
In the past 31 years Agility has become an important part of my life, as competitor, coach, judge and official. I had the honour and pleasure to judge many high-level competitions all over the world. But the ultimate highlight of my Agility-life was reaching a place on the AWC podium together with my Austrian teammates in 2015. 

Of course it's not possible that all participants will become World Champion, but it's possible for all to have a lot of fun and to enjoy the unique AWC atmosphere.

See you in Austria, good luck to all of you!

Assistant Judge:

Rudolf Pöhl, Austria

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I am happy that the AWC 2022 will take place in Austria and that I can be part of this event.

I am an active agility athlete since 1995 and also a judge since 2008. Judging at home and abroad always gives me a lot of pleasure and I always try to set fluid and fast courses. Currently I run with two Shelties. I myself have participated in an AWC with one of my dogs and I know how exciting it is for each of the participants to be at this event.

I am looking forward to AWC 2022 and wish all participating teams the best of luck. 
Many greetings

Assistant Judge:

Gabi Posch, Austria

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Dear Agility-Friends,

I feel very honoured to be a part of the AWC 2022. 

My journey in agility sport started in 1990 and since that I have competed with about 15 dogs in every different size. Also I became a judge in Austria in the year 1997 and soon after became international judge as well. It’s hard to say how many competitions I have judged but it has been quite a lot. 

I am very excited to see many good runs and good sportsmanship. Certainly I hope that we will all have a great time together. 

Really looking forward to see everyone and greetings from Austria,

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